Quality is continuously PDCA

We are always aware of the quality that we produce and we take care of every detail
To ensure reliability and repeatability in the preparation of our blends of cotton, we have launched in CFT what we call the “endless blend” policy: with a goal of stock of raw materials of at least three times our monthly production, we select cotton with care all over the world just from certified suppliers to provide our customers with the best possible products.

Cotton USA

We use the best cotton in the world: the US cotton. Cotton is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber, wherever is grown in the world, but US cotton distinguishes itself for a sustainable agricultural production, where the maximization of the yield does not affect negatively the principal natural resources like soil, water and air, where the use of chemicals is commensurate and not abused, where the use of renewable power (for ginning) is widespread and the mechanical picking, from one hand guarantees uniform quality standards and from the other precludes The Possibility of the exploitation of the child labor.

Virgin Cotton

100% Natural



Quality Control

We have installed all the latest systems of quality control (in-line and off-line) and we can therefore set each cleaning device to give to the yarn exactly and solely the specifications required by each customer.
On our spinning machines ACO8 and ACO9, the parameters of each production are stored and associated with the customer for which it was made, so to continuously supply the same solutions time after time. All our spinning positions with optical-capacitive clearers for the detection of foreign fibers and for regularity control.


In CFT we have a strict policy about quality: our vision is to build yarn tailored onto the specific needs of our customers, delivering the right quantity on time, always with the mission to assist them into every new project, also after sale.