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We are innovation

We produce up to 35tons of yarns per day
Our daily production of yarn exceeds 30 tons in two different 100% cotton qualities:
  • Omnia, a selection of cottons mixed in a balanced compromise between quality and price;
  • Supra, a selection of raw cottons for the most demanding customers;
We daily monitor our production to ensure outstanding and repetitive values of IPI and RKM to our yarns. Our range of yarns goes from Ne 3 (Nm 5.000) up to Ne 24 (Nm 40.000), both plain and "malfilè" (for denim).
Thanks to our technology Fancynation, we are able to reproduce any flame effect from a reference sample. We produce yarn either with weaving torsion or knitting torsion, and if necessary, with paraffin, on hard cones and on dye cones. Our yarn can be supplied both single and plied: we twist up to 12 garments and if required we supply knotless Jumbo bobbins with splicers up to a maximum weight of 12kg. All of the bobbins have the length measured for the warp use, all the production is guaranteed for dyeing (in bobbins or in fabrics).

Work Flow

Made in Italy

Yarns 100% made in Italy with passion: production takes place in the north of Italy at plants in the factories of Gazzaniga and Gandino, 50km far from Milan.


We can provide our yarns with the following certifications: Oekotex Standard 100, Cotton USA, BCI (Better cotton initiative), GRS (Global recycled standard), GOTS (Global organic textile standard), OCS (Organic content standard), Cotton leads.

Full process control

We daily monitor 100% of our production to ensure repetitive quality specifications: we aim to classify our yarns in the first positions of the worldwide Uster Statistics.


Our Open End 100% cotton yarn is produced with the most update spinning machines SAURER Schlafhorst ACO8 and ACO9: the first 3 units were installed and developed in our production site in Gazzaniga already in 2006, 5 years before their official presentation at the ITMA in Barcelona.

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