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Quality is our Priority

Quality in our opinion means loyalty: we never come to compromises, for an always outstanding customer satisfaction.


We offer to our customers the possibility to choose between two different blends: the blend Omnia, a careful selection of "contamination controlled" cottons mixed in a balanced compromise between quality and price; the blend Supra, a selection of only virgin "contamination free" cottons, for the most demanding customers. Our production is not organized in batches, but according to a concept of "endless blend": quality and origins of cottons are mixed harmoniously to ensure continuity and repeatability in the medium term of the characteristics of our yarns.


We are specialized in the production of coarse and medium counts: with the blend Omnia, our range of yarns goes from Ne 3 (Nm 5.000) up to Ne 16 (Nm 27.000); with the blend Supra, our range of yarns goes from Ne 3 (Nm 5.000) up to Ne 24 (Nm 40.000). With a minimum order quantity of 500kg we can produce all the requested counts, either with weaving torsion or knitting torsion.


Our production can be supplied on hard cones and on dye cones and precisely measured yarn length is achieved for all package formats.

Custom Yarns

Slub yarns

Thanks to our technology Fancynation, we are able to reproduce any flame effect from a reference sample ("malfilè" yarns for denim).

Waxed yarns

If required, we can apply the wax on the yarn already in the spinning stage avoiding any further winding.

Plied yarns

Our yarn can be supplied plied: we twist up to 12 garments and if required we supply knotless Jumbo bobbins with splicers up to a maximum weight of 12kg. All of the bobbins have the length measured for the warp use, all the production is guaranteed for dyeing (in bobbins or in fabrics).

We only work with the best selection and quality of raw materials, we aim to adopt the most modern and efficient technology, we always pay meticulous attention to details: in CFT we truly believe that only this devotion and passion can give life to a special and unique product, in line with the expectations of each customer.

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